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Technology / Power Plant



Stable electrical power is the key factor of petrochemical industry success.

Based on this concept Ethydco vision was formed to build our power station to achieve complete independency and to secure reliable power with the Vision to be a power hub to the new upcoming projects of the ambitious development plan of petrochemical sector.

Ethydco has taken the responsibility of bringing the project to reality within shortest execution time and less investment cost. This was how phase one of the project was launched.

With Enppi - the engineering arm of the petroleum sector- the most global reputative vendors of gas turbines was invited to bid. This bit was finally awarded to Siemens with SGT- 800 GTG as well as the high voltage GIS 66 KV switchgear.

The Siemens SGT-800 industrial gas turbine combines a reliable robust design with high efficiency and low emissions. The turbine offers broad flexibility in fuels, operation conditions, maintenance concepts, package solutions and ratings. Capable of single-digit NOx and CO.

Successfully, Ethydco, Enppi and EMC (the construction contractor) started the power plant in March 2017.

The second phase of the project is to be connected to the national grid as a back-up for emergencies, black start-up with the facility to export power to the grid through a standard transformer substation 220/66/11 KV were completed.

Based on the rising demand on power especially after turning to free energy price, the plan shall be completed by applying the combined cycle to the power plant which will maximize the utilization of the fuel gas and achieve the highest performance and efficiency to complete the third phase of the project.

By finishing the third phase of the Power Plant project, Ethydco will reach the planned target and the vision will be a fact.