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Technology / Rubber Technology

 ETHYDCO manufactures Solution polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber “SSBR” and Low-Cis polybutadiene Rubber “LCBR” which is a family of rubber products using VERSALIS technology, that allow producing LCBR using the s-SBR reactors by only modifying the feed of the monomer and catalyst.

The wide product portfolio allowed by the VERSALIS technology can be used for manufacturing s-SBR which is the raw material for high performance and special tyres, with enhanced wet grip performance as well as for manufacturing winter tyres, where the lowest fuel consumption and the highest durability are required. LCBR is also used in producing tyres, but mostly as a plastic modifier (such as HIPS and continuous mass ABS).

ETHYDCO boasts a complete portfolio in this field, marked by high quality levels, featuring high flexibility in response to market demands and different sectors of application.
The below figure illustrates an overview about VERSALIS s-SBR/LCBR process: