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Technology / Polyethylene Technology


ETHYDCO manufactures Polyethylene using UNIPOL™ PE gas phase process wherein ethylene and comonomer react as gases at low pressure, in presence of catalyst using fluidized bed conditions to produce granular products.

The UNIPOL™ PE Process can produce a wide range of commercial products. Whether your goal is to make high-density, medium-density or linear low-density PE, the UNIPOL™ PE Process can accommodate its wide range of densities and melt indices – with both narrow and broad molecular weight distributions, swing and Bimodal capabilities are the key to resin differentiation.

PRODIGY - Bimodal Catalyst Benefits :

  • High production rates.
  • Outstanding reactor continuity and robustness.
  • Improved resin homogeneity vs. dual reactor for power savingsduring extrusion.

The below figure illustrates an overview about UNIPOL™ PE process. The interactive animation can be shown through Univation’s website:


  1. Raw Materials Pass Through Purification Beds
  2. Mixture Enters Circulation Loop
  3. Raw Materials Enter Reactor and React With Catalyst
  4. Gases Leave Reactor and Pass Through Compressor
  5. Gases Pass Through Heat Exchanger
  6. Resin Leaves Reactor Through Discharging System
  7. Unreacted Raw Materials Separated From Resin
  8. Unreacted Raw Material Compressed
  9. Unreacted Raw Material Cooled And Liquified
  10. Resin Moves Towards Additive System
  11. Additives Introduced Into Product
  12. Resin Mixture Enters Feed Hopper Towards Extruder
  13. Processed Pellets To Resin Storage / Loading Facility