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ETHYDCO Wide praise, a special presence and an active participation in the EGYPS 2019 conference and exhibition

Mon, 11-Feb-2019 - Wed, 13-Feb-2019




Eng. Tarek Elmolla the minister of petroleum and mineral resources praised Ethydco with its employees` performance through his check tour as part of the EGYPS 2019 conference and exhibition events.

Eng. Tarek Elmolla the minister of petroleum accompanied by chem. Saad Helal The Egyptian Petrochemical Holding Company chairman and a number of leads in the petroleum ministery during his sovereignty tour inside the ETHYDCO`s section in the exhibition, listened to an explanation by Chem. Abdelmegid Hegazy ETHYDCO`s CEO about the exhibition and the company`s current and future expansions which are executed in the frame of a comprehensive Plan and ambition to renew and develop the petroleum sector.

Mr. Abdelmegid Hegazy pointed out that the company is currently studying increasing the polyethylene production power to 50% of the current production. This is through a third line of production as well as starting the procedures of executing a synthetic rubber plant using the Butadiene which is being produced in the company instead of exporting it as a raw material in order to be used in many products, car tyres and others which will boost the added value of our resources and will contribute in meeting the local market needs and exporting some of the products abroad.

His sovereignty also clarified that since day one of the company`s opening it is considered an integration model to other companies in the petroleum sector referring to the contract that has been signed with SIDPEC to supply it with electricity to face the expansion needs to produce the Polypropylene. The company is also currently executing the second stage of the permanent power plant by linking it to the National Electricity Grid which will represent a substitute reserve to the company`s plants and provide the chance to contribute in supporting the petroleum ministry projects and the national projects. Hegazy pointed to the project of constructing warehouses to increase the raw material storage capacity and facing the future needs.

The Company chairman also spoke about ETHYDCO getting five international quality certificates known as ISO and that this year will witness more.

At the end of the tour, Eng. Tarek Elmolla the petroleum minister made sure of capturing memorial photos with the employees and induced them on more work and tender.
ETHYDCO`s section received a wide praise by the exhibitors, the leads in petroleum ministry, national and international companies, characters and formats participating in the conference and exhibition.

The third version of EGYPS 2019 conference and exhibition witnessed an increasing turnout as a number of the exhibiting companies registered an increase by 25% more than its first version.

EGYPS 2019 conference and exhibition was held under the slogan “ North Africa and the Mediterranean : Meeting Tomorrow’s needs of energy” which was opened by his highness Eng. Mostafa Madbooly the prime minister on behalf of president Abdelfattah Elsisi during the period from 11 to 13 February in the presence of a number of Arab and African Petroleum Ministers, major international companies, representatives for petroleum bodies and entities in more than 40 countries and more than 400 company. EGYPS 2019 conference and exhibition is considered the biggest event of its kind in Africa and the Mediterranean and became an important platform and overture for Egyptian Petroleum and Gas industry. It represents an important marketing arm for serious and various investment opportunities. Egyps conference witnessed the announcement of joining more international companies to search and exploration areas in Egypt including international companies for the first time and announcing two biddings for the petroleum sector with investments ranging from 750 to 800 million dollars to be added to the 10 billion dollar for petroleum sector annual investments which reflects the atmosphere that attracts investing.

EGYPS 2019 The Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS) is North Africa and the Mediterranean’s most important oil and gas exhibition and conference, where oil and gas professionals convene to engage in dialogue, create partnerships, do business and identify solutions and strategies that will shape the industry for future years. Held on 11–13 February 2019 at the New Cairo International Exhibition Centre.

EGYPS 2019 allow the key stakeholders from Africa, MENA, and the Mediterranean to create an unparalleled business opportunity for exhibiting companies to tap into new markets. The exhibition featured more than 400 exhibiting companies from over 38 countries delivering a unique and vital platform for industry interaction between National and International Oil Companies, International Service Providers & Engineering, Procurement & Construction Companies and over 20,000 regional and international attendees.


EGYPS is an ideal platform to present ETHYDCO’s products and innovations and to perform business contacts by emphasizing our continuous support to our Local and Foreign customers. It is the second time for ETHYDCO to have the chance to exhibit in the Egypt Petroleum Show, with 270 Visitors and 15 Local and Global Customer meetings.

ETHYDCO Team held meetings with ETHYDCO’s Distributors (NCT, ITOCHU, MB BARTER, BAYEGAN and BITAR) and Customers for local and global markets to gather more data on their needs where we exchange perspectives and strengthen our leading market position as a partner.

ETHYDCO Team introduced the products which provide a wide range of applications to benefit our valued customers locally and globally and highlighted the new project Butadiene Rubber with capacity of 36 KTA, in order to focus on its mission through value creating plastic and rubber products.


While Egypt is moving into the next stage of development by focusing on growth and value chain integration as the upcoming new capital city and road expansions…etc., ETHYDCO is supporting the economic industry development through sustainable products from food packaging, industrial packaging, geomembrane (landfills, canals, water storage...etc.), agriculture (green house film) and pipe applications.

ETHYDCO’s aim to deliver tailored solutions to customers worldwide, ETHYDCO received many positive feedbacks regarding the company from the already existing global customers that uses our material and from the potential ones that are looking to start cooperation.

After ETHYDCO Team highlighted on the new project Butadiene Rubber Plant, Customers are willing to have distribution agreements.

ETHYDCO Team observed the new capacities for the coming years and monitored the global demand for polyethylene and polybutadiene.

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