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ETHYDCO`s first truck of ADVANCENE in the local market

Tue, 19-Jul-2016




After the excessive efforts of ETHYDCO’s employees, ETHYDCO has successfully started up its polyethylene production on Jul. 18th, 2016.

Thanks to the great teamwork between ETHYDCO’s employees and with the support from our stakeholders. ETHYDCO has successfully started-up the first production train, which is a major milestone for ETHYDCO.

ETHYDCO introduced ADVANCENE in the local market. EE-1802-AAB film grade was the first grade. Applications of this grade include light duty bags, liners and blends. ETHYDCO’s Egyptian costumers welcomed ADVANCENE products with a great response regarding the quality and our competitive prices. This would enhance their production capabilities and open new chances for expansion.

ETHYDCO provides wide range of products to cover film, injection, blow molding, pipe, and roto-molding applications. This milestone shall support Egyptian economy and save hard currency especially as the market is having problems within the rise of USD, giving issues regarding import activity.