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ETHYDCO and KAUTEX MASCHINENBAU Jointly Hosted a Blow Molding Road Show in Egypt

Wed, 13-Aug-2014 - Tue, 30-Sep-2014

ETHYDCO: “The Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company”
KAUTEX: “German manufacturer of high-end extrusion blow molding machines”

The event was organized by ETHYDCO and KAUTEX MASCHINENBAU to bring maximum value to all blow molding supply chain members. This approach complimented a key part of the ETHYDCO mission to achieve value creation through customer Orientation, sustainability and optimum utilization of resources.



ETHYDCO and KAUTEX jointly hosted a blow molding technical seminar “BLOW MOLDING Roadshow 2014” in Egypt on Wednesday 13th of August in the Fairmont Hotel “Towers”, Cairo – Egypt. The main objective was to help the plastics industry to meet the demands of the Egyptian market, which is considered one of the fastest growing in the region.

ETHYDCO`s objective is to introduce its product mix, service and process technology capabilities that will aid the development of the Egyptian blow molding industry to cope with the global trends and market dynamics.

KAUTEX`s objective is to become a close partner for the Egyptian plastics industry and highlight its innovative technology and competitive advantages in consumer and industrial packaging. In addition, an insight into the opportunities available in the specialized field of LPG and CNG cylinders and the production of technical parts was presented to the audience.

The Roadshow attracted a diversified group of attendees from all the supply chain fields such as the Federation of Egyptian Industries; Chamber of Chemicals Industries Plastics & Rubber department; specifiers of multinational companies; pharmaceutical and medical suppliers, water sector; Ministry of Defense; Plastics Technology Center; additives manufacturers; mold makers and industry decision makers, technical staff and new employees.


For more details please check the event`s attahcment