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Sun, 15-Oct-2017 - Wed, 18-Oct-2017





In the past, Kuwait was considered the Arab World’s gateway because of its strategic geographical location along the Arabian Gulf. Having been a port that has welcomed individuals from different backgrounds. Kuwait has always maintained its genuine sense of tolerance and acceptance of all what is new and unfamiliar.


The country has drawn upon the accumulated wisdom of nations around the world to fuel its own growth. After the discovery of oil, a nation of fishermen, pearl divers and traders transformed into one of the richest and most developed nations in the world offering state-of-the-art amenities, secure infrastructural facilities and technical excellence. Particularly in the 1970′s, Kuwait became the center of fine arts, political and social awareness. A place where many of today’s most prominent Arab talents, leaders and other notable individuals lived and bloomed.


ETHYDCO ‘S goal from KOGS-2017

Open a new market in this area regarding to the vision of our company’s chairman.

Learning all the latest news concerning this area.

Appear in the international event of the petrochemical.

A large number of potential customers visited ETHYDCO exhibition stand where they learned about its products & technology that will add value and reduce footprint. Many new inquiries were set by customers for new supplies of ADVANCENE value creating polyethylene solutions for film, molding and pipe applications.




Some of the potential customers were:

• Alia plus

• Gulf group

• Elmohandes company

• Wam trading company

• Arrow solutions

• Specto

• Algaazera alalameya

• Kuwiet chemical house



Conference running parallel to the KOGS


ETHYDCO participated in the third edition of Kuwait Oil and Gas Show and conference KOGS which was held through 15th to 18thof October 2017 under his highness Eng. Issam AlMarzooq; Minister of Oil, Electricity and Water, State of Kuwait.

The four days technical conference at KOGS 2017 ran parallel to the exhibition of oil and gas products and services. The theme was Shaping the Energy Future: Integration and Diversification, it has addressed key areas of upstream and downstream interests including:

• Projects

• Facilities and Construction

• Refineries

• Unconventional Resources









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