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Ethydco hosts World Environment Day

Mon, 25-Jun-2018





Ethydco hosts World Environment Day 2018

On the World Environment Day, Ethydco participated in the celebration organized by the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, one of the specialized organizations of the League of Arab States in Alexandria in cooperation with a number of United Nations organizations.

The celebration slogan coincided with the World Environment Day slogan on how to preserve the environment resulting from plastic pollution, aims to highlight the importance of preserving the environment and its role in tourism promotion.

During the celebration, which take place on 25 June 2018, Ethydco was honored with a certificate of appreciation and shield in recognition of the role of Ethydco, which is considered environmentally friendly company and its products granted European and American Food Contact Certificate. Many officials, diplomats, attended the celebration as well major industrials company and environmental experts with the attendance of Miss Earth pageant of 2018.

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