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ETHYDCO Reinforces at K-FAIR 2016

Wed, 19-Oct-2016 - Wed, 26-Oct-2016





K Fair is the world`s largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, that is held in Dusseldorf, Germany. It gathers the most important supplier of plastics and rubber machinery, raw and auxiliary materials and semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastic products under one roof.

Once every three years the K Fair completed a very successful eight days from 19 October 2016 till 26 October 2016, K Fair 2016 has reached a higher number of attendees than the last Fair, with 230,000 attendees from over 120 Countries (up from 218,000 in 2013) covering 19 halls with 3,285 exhibitors, just under 174,000 square meters. It is an ideal platform to highlight products and innovations and to make business contacts.

"K Fair is an ideal platform for ETHYDCO to showcase its advanced products, technology & service for a wide range of customers in this region and reinforce our commitment to keep providing them with competitive edge solutions that add value to their businesses,” said Mr. SAAD HELAL, ETHYDCO Chairman & CEO.

Wael Tarnim, ETHYDCO Marketing GM said Fair is the most important exhibition in Europe where ETHYDCO can meet its customers and promote its commitment to delivering advanced products and services.


ETHYDCO`S goal from K-2016

Global Industry events like K-2016 provide us with:

Held Meetings with ETHYDCO’s Distributors and Customers for global and local markets to collect more data on their needs.

ETHYDCO team was hand in hand to support our official distributors by helping them to increase their sales by adding value to them with bigger converters and delivering technical solutions to customers.

Sharing technical knowledge of our products and assisting our official distributors to promote ETHYDCO’s products during the fair.




Developing solutions with cooperation of all value chain partners (Machinery,additives producers…etc.) to provide inspiring solutions to our customers.

Monitoring market developments through our distributors, customers and competitors to accelerate industry progress in this area.Support customer growth on global and domestic markets.

Observing new capacities that shall be added in the coming years and monitoring the global demand for polyethylene.Know more about emerging regions with fast growing demand and growth for PE.

Open new opportunities to sell our products in new regions by signing new contracts or through spot basis (Russia, Latin America, South East Asia, and Scandinavian Countries).

Observing new technologies and applications around the world that meet market needs.

Latest technologies, scientific innovations, general trending topics and upcoming products are all showcased and discussed during the exhibition.


ETHYDCO held a seminar at TULIP INN on 21st of October 2016, in the presence of ETHYDCO’s official Distributors NCT, ITOCHU, PLASTRIBUTION, CIPLAS, and their customers covering regions France, UK, Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg), China and Taiwan; ETHYDCO prepared a presentation on the latest technology (UNIPOL PE Technology), capacity, upcoming products, and general trending topics.

These industries are being supported by the significant infrastructure investments underway across the region, as seen in facilities such the upcoming new capital, road expansions and major Suez Canal development.

ETHYDCO also addressed global trends and industry challenges with inspiring solutions and collaborative innovation in the industry, ETHYDCO highlighted its continuous focus on joint development of global solutions and close cooperation with all value chain partners. Customers had some questions about the product, technical information and future plans of the company production.







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