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ETHYDCO`s Contribution in the Development of the Egyptian Plastics Industry at PLASTEX 2018

Thu, 18-Jan-2018 - Sun, 21-Jan-2018





Chairman and CEO of the Egyptian Ethylene & Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO), Mr. Abdel Mageed Hegazy highlighted ETHYDCO’s role in developing the plastic industry in Egypt at the opening of the 16th International Middle East and Africa Exhibition for Plastic Industries (PLASTEX) being held in Cairo from 18 - 21 January 2018.

“PLASTEX is the best platform to connect with our local and global customers to show our continuous commitment and support to our customers,” said Mr. Khaled Talaat -ETHYDCO Chairman Assistant for Marketing.

The event attracts a growing number of plastics converters, raw material producers and all the players in the plastic value chain, PLASEX brings together key players and stakeholders from Africa, MENA, and the Mediterranean to create business opportunities into new markets, share knowledge and exchange best practices that help to develop the plastic industry.

“Here in Egypt, our industry is a key element in our governments’ efforts to benefit our economy by adding more downstream products and further up the hydrocarbon value chain.

Egypt is moving into the next stage of development by focusing on growth and value chain integration as the upcoming new capital city, road expansions , the new Suez Canal and Reclamation of Agriculture lands…etc., ETHYDCO is supporting the economic industry development through sustainable products from geomembrane (landfills, canals, water storage...etc.), agriculture (green house film) and pipe applications.




Mr. Sherif Fouad, ETHYDCO Marketing GM said, UNIPOL PE technology platform enable ETHYDCO to produce superior and differentiated products from Film, Molding and Pipe applications.

Chairman and CEO of the Egyptian Ethylene & Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO),Mr. Abdel Mageed Hegazy highlighted the new project Butadiene Rubber (Polybutadiene) with capacity of 36 KTA, in order to focus on its mission through value creating plastic and rubber products, the new project shall provide a sustainable product.

“Egyptian Government with ECHEM are driving this by introducing a series of initiatives to boost the growth of small and medium-sized industries operating in the field of plastics processing.”

Creating value through customer orientation and sustainability is essential to the shared success of Egyptian plastic resins producers and converters.

A large number of our current and potential customers visited ETHYDCO’s booth; where they learned about its products & technology. Over the event days, many important aspects of the plastic industry have been discussed from resin and polymer developments to the value added to our customers and the end user consumers.




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