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K fair 2019

Wed, 16-Oct-2019 - Wed, 23-Oct-2019




K Fair is the world`s largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, that is held in Dusseldorf, Germany. It gathers the most important suppliers of plastics and rubber machinery, raw and auxiliary materials and semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastic products under one roof.

Statistics on K Fair

In terms of guests from the European countries, Italy dominated with over 10,000 visitors, followed by the Netherlands (approx. 9,000), Turkey (over 7,500) France (over 6,700), Belgium (over 6,300), Spain (over 5,100) and Russia (some 5,000).

Almost 20,000 visitors travelled to K 2019 from North and South America, which corresponds to a 7% increase. Compared to 2016, there was an especially marked increase in the number of guests from Brazil.


1. Second participation from ETHYDCO “ADVANCENE” which became a world trade name in the plastic industry.
2. ETHYDCO’s presence in the largest fair in the world and follow the latest developments in the polymer industry.
3. Participation in a special booth and highly qualified staff to be a good representative for Egypt Petroleum Ministry.
4. Attend Seminars and meetings held on the show to discuss the latest developments.
5. Identify alternatives offered by PE producers to preserve the environment and using the recycling products.
6. Held meetings with ETHYDCO’s distributers worldwide and discussing the future vision.
7. Opening new markets for company’s products in new territories.
8. Presenting ETHYDCO’s future expansions and marketing strategy for the coming years.

ETHYDCO Distributors

ETHYDCO had the opportunity to meet with many different potential customers, as the marketing team strategy is to satisfy our customers and fulfill their needs. Hence, marketing team held meetings with our distributors that were present at K-fair for supporting them to increase their sales by adding value to them with bigger converters and by providing technical solutions.




Number of Companies


Number of Visitors



Meeting with Global Distributors and Converters



Meetings with Local Distributors and Converters






K-fair 2019 outcome

1. Accelerating Solutions for our customers by sharing technical information leading to inspire customers to know more about our grades and applications to meet the market needs.
2. ETHYDCO’s customers raised that value creation products are important as the Bimodal Products, which help them to promote ETHYDCO’s products to the customers.
3. In collaboration with several value chain partners, ETHYDCO shall have more sustainable options for the flexible packaging industry as products shall contain 35% PCR.
4. ETHYDCO signed new contracts for new markets.(Cuba, Czech Republic.)


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