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ETHYDCO Participates in the HSE week

Sun, 02-Dec-2018 - Tue, 04-Dec-2018




For a successful safety system in the frame of the HSE week events and in the light of the initiative the Minister of petroleum and mineral resources Eng. Tarek Elmolla started to direct the efforts for the sake of a safe and stable work environment with no accidents, injuries or occupational diseases, The Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO) participated in the week events through a number of activities which express the extent of Ethydco`s attention towards the safety issue. Ethydco Chairman Chem. Abdelmegid Hegazy confirmed that the safety issue is considered a cornerstone of the petroleum ministry strategy and the project of developing and renewing petroleum sector. This initiative also comes as a strong message about the HSE importance and Hegazy pointed to the importance of being committed to safety standards and revising its procedures and instructions in all work activities so it can accompany us everywhere whether inside or outside work places, in our houses and in all life scopes. Ethydco Chairman Chem. Abdelmegid Hegazy clarified that the existence of a powerful safety system in the company led to decreasing the value of insurance risks by 2 million pounds. Hegazy greeted Ethydco staff and HSE department for their exerted efforts to publish the safety culture clarifying that the success of the experiment enables us to repeat it every three months and that the company will raise the importance of safety element when writing the annual report by raising it to 20%. HSE Department General Manager, Samir Elboreidy, confirmed as well that the safety system success is everyone`s responsibility and that HSE department will add to its circle of safety issue interest to the employees` houses and families through instructions and booklets including safety rules at home. Samir Elboreidy praised the efforts exerted by employees to let the safety system succeed declaring a monthly competition among employees in the safety field and winners will be escalated to the ministry competition. Ethydco has witnessed participation from all leads and employees for three days in the events of the past three days. The first two days included check tours in which the chairman participated as well as all levels, admin and technicians through 15 work groups to check out safety procedures and their commitment limit. Some observations were done to be studied, analysed and classify the rate of risk in them. A number of lectures were given about safety aspects and how they are related to different work fields in ETHYDCO. In the end of the activities and events on the third day, work groups and special safety men were honored.

Hegazy clarified in this frame that ETHYDCO performs all it activities according to a strategy with a specific aiming to achieve the highest levels of qualification in production and in the highest level of security taking into consideration keeping the environment through providing the maximization of protection to individuals, equipment, materials, properties and also the community surrounding work sites.

The company also is careful for continuous improvement of HSE department and quality system.

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