Product Quality Control Statement

Product Quality Control Statement

Our company products are raw materials for petrochemical industry locally and abroad and this situation makes attention for the crucial for product quality control implementation ETHYDCO quality control and product research laboratories believe and consider that the product quality may be defined as it is ability to fulfil and exceed customer needs and expectations.

Fixed product specifications & human factors (skills, attitude, and training) and work environment (temperature, humidity) are the minimum requirement of product quality.

IF there is any variation in fixed product specifications corrective actions will be taken, next the root causes for the special variations will be identified using cause-and-effect diagram and then take preventive action.

Laboratories are staffed by highly trained and experienced employees with years of industry knowledge and continuing training on quality and technical skills conducted to ensure that employees have the required competences and capability in order to make sure our products meet customer needs.

ETHYDCO laboratories equipped with advanced analytical techniques to provide comprehensive materials and chemical testing to internationally accepted procedures for raw materials, intermediate products, environmental analysis and finished product and also products research

Environmental factors that may adversely affect measurements are controlled to the degree necessary so as not to invalidate test results or adversely affect the quality of measurement..

Because we understand and believe in the importance of data quality and operational efficiency of product quality control process laboratories utilizes laboratory information management system LIMS to manage all associated laboratory processes.

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