Blow Molding

Targeted Market

ETHYDCO ADVANCENE HDPE Blow Molding products are suitable for many applications including: 1) Large parts (e.g. drums, automobile parts, containers), 2) Household, Industrial and Chemicals (HIC) bottles, 3) Medium size, containers with high ESCR.

  • Excellent balance of parison stability,
  • Good trimming characteristics. ESCR, impact strength, and stiffness
  • Excellent wall thickness distribution.
  • Rapid molding cycles.
  • Melt fracture free, smooth surfaces.
  • Excellent pigment dispersion, superior color.
  • Lowest taste and odor transfer in the industry.
Major Applications
  • Household and Industrial Chemicals Bottles (HIC): Detergent, Automotive, marine supplies, Antifreeze, Motor oils, Agricultural chemicals, Pesticides and herbicides.
  • Food Containers: Edible cooking oils, Beverages and Liquid food Containers.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Personal care, Cosmetics and Injection blow-molded containers.
  • Industrial and Household Parts: Garbage containers, Tool boxes, Furniture parts, Toys, Ice chests and coolers...etc

Advanced HDPE Blow Molding Grades

Grade Name HLMI, I21
g/10 min
g/ cc
Co-monomer MWD Application Datasheets
EM-5333-AAH 33.0 0.953 C6 Medium HIC bottles PDF icon
EM-4925-AAH 25.0 0.949 C6 Medium HIC bottles (High ESCR) PDF icon
EM-4810-AAH 10.0 0.948 C6 Broad Large Part Blow Molding PDF icon