Pipe Extrusion

Targeted Market

ETHYDCO utilizes advanced catalyst to produce unimdoal MDPE and bimodal HDPE pipe products suitable for many applications; these applications meet PE-80 & PE-100 standards.

  • Bimodal HDPE pipe resin offers:
    • Long Term Hydrostatic Strength (LTHS).
    • Slow Crack Growth (SCG) resistance.
    • Rapid Crack Propagation (RCP) resistance.
  • Excellent extrusion characteristics.
  • Broad MWD to make excellent HDPE pipes.
Major Applications
  • Pressure Pipe for potable water & natural gas distribution.
  • Large diameter pressure pipe applications.Â
  • Applications that require the pipe to meet PE-100 standards.

ADVANCENE Pipe Extrusion Grades:

Grade Name MI, I2
g/10 min
g/ cc
Co-monomer MWD Application Datasheets
EE-3916-AAH 16.0 0.939 C6 Broad MDPE PE-80 pipe , Municipal natural gas distribution pipe PDF icon
bEE-4906-AAH 6.0 0.949 C6 Bimodal Bimodal HDPE PE-100 pipe PDF icon