Injection Molding

Targeted Market

ETHYDCO ADVANCENE HDPE & LLDPE injection molding products are suitable for many applications. Numerous homo-polymers and butene and hexene copolymers shall be available which are superior to competitive grades.

  • Narrow MWD for superior low temperature properties and low warpage characteristics.
  • High stiffness combined with appropriate levels of toughness and ESCR.
  • Best-of-class rigidity for homopolymer molding applications (crates, trays, bins).
  • Capability to produce differentiated high MI resins for the thin-wall container market segment:
    • Fast molding cycle time.
    • Thin wall capability.
Major Applications
  • Open head pails.
  • Rigid tote bins and trays.
  • Beverage cases.
  • Industrial storage trays.
  • Structural foam parts.
  • Thin walled containers.
  • Greenhouse film.

ADVANCENE LLDPE & HDPE Injection Molding Grades:

Category Grade Name MI, I2
g/10 min
g/ cc
Co-monomer MWD Application Datasheets
HDPE Injection Molding EM-5204-UVH 4.7 0.952 C6 Narrow Caps and Closures, Pails, Industrial Containers PDF icon