Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan


An essential component of the HSE Management System is an effective Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan (EPRP). Emergency preparedness and response is required to deal promptly with an emergency situation that could occur as a result of activities within the Projects.

For the majority of incidents local resources will be sufficient to respond in an effective manner, however, in some cases external resources may be needed and shall be called upon as deemed necessary.

This EPRP has been developed to identify potential emergency scenarios throughout the construction of the Site offices and the site preparation phase. All potential emergency scenarios shall be mitigated by the development of effective emergency response arrangements.


The primary aims of the EPRP are to:

  • Preserve life.
  • Protect the Environment.
  • Protect Company Assets.
  • These aims will be achieved by setting the following objectives:

  • Develop and maintain effective emergency response and contingency plans.
  • Provide direction, training and supervision where appropriate to enable personnel to meet their obligation.
  • Establish a course of action within the HSE Department regarding notification of the correct personnel internally/externally, to MAIN CONTRACTOR and the appropriate authorities in case of a significant emergency situation.
  • Specify the method of notification.
  • Assure that provisions exist for communications.
  • Outline the Projects Dept. notification set-up.
  • Identify all necessary emergency response equipment.

Classification of emergency Scenarios

Emergency Scenarios are classified in three categories.

Category -1 (One Area)

An Emergency Scenario arising in any work area which can be controlled within the affected area itself with the help of available resources at any given point of time. The emergency response actions are limited to One Area and no impact or potential impact exists outside of the One Area.

Such emergency does not have the potential to cause serious injury or damage to property / environment and to other plant or nearby areas.

Category - 2 (Affecting more than One Area)

An Emergency Scenario arising in one or more areas which has the potential to cause serious injury or damage to property and environment within the affected area and or to any nearby areas. This level of emergency situation will not affect surrounding communities beyond the ETHYLENE Construction complex.

Such emergency situation will require the mobilization and co-ordination of assistance from other Sub-Contractors resources to assist in mitigation the Emergency Scenario.

Category - 3 (Areas beyond the ETHYLENE Construction Complex)

An Emergency Scenario as described above in Category 2, however which by virtue of its consequences may spread and effect the nearby community outside the ETHYLENE Construction complex.


Any press or public media handling shall be done by ETHYDCO authorized person.