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Ethydco community service activities before launching

Community Activities

We believe that being a responsible organization means being a responsive member of the many communities in which we operate that`s why our company keen a lot to participate in serving our local community especially the surrounding area, and here are some of our contributions:

  • Financed the construction of an external wall for "Al-Azhar Institute" at "Tiba" village in Alexandria.

  • Supplying "Ummah Wahda charity at Amreya area" with two minibuses with a capacity of 28 passengers, air conditioned included licenses and accessories.

  • Renting a land as a storage area from the surrounding residents with annually contract.

  • Coordinating with the company main contractor to deal with the surrounding residents` contracting companies to supply building materials and the contract is extended for three years.

  • Coordinating with the EPISCO Company for hiring 185 people from the surrounding region.

  • Coordinating with the company main contractor to subcontracting the security activities to the surrounding residents with annually contract.

  • As a contribution against pollution in the region, The Company covers the drainage of Nag Matarawy.

  • For the first time in Egypt the company applied the Zero Liquid Discharge System as a newest system for conservation of natural resources by completely recycling the water used in cooling systems.

  • Adoption of the principle of scientific research and to corporate with the Japanese university in the region and Alexandria University, where some studies has been prepared for the project.

  • Paving and enlarging Al Nahda- Nag Matarawy road and covering the canal parallel to it.

  • Starting to establish Ethydco Institution for Community Development which will begin its activities within the year 2015.

  • The Company has joined the Global Compact of the United Nations to document and support the company`s activities locally and internationally in the fields of sustainable development.

Community Activities