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About Ethydco / Chairman Message

ETHYDCO`s CEO: Chemist / Abdel Mageed Hegazy

"It`s a great pleasure and pride presenting the capabilities of our company, highlighting our achievements and sharing our vision for the future."

As a national petrochemical company, Ethydco has persisted in its pursuit of excellence in all aspects of its operations. Its heavy projects` investments is, no doubt, a testimony to its fulfillment of its aspirations to be a well recognized player in the global market in order to support the national objectives of economic and social prosperity in the region.

We are applying the best business practices prevalent in the industry, focusing on the development of human resources and harnessing the power of modern technology and techniques to achieve market leadership and sustainability.

Success alone has never been Ethydco`s ambition. Sharing success with its partners, customers, suppliers, workforce and local communities is a key element of the Company`s identity. To ensure a promising future for itself and all stakeholders, Ethydco will continue to execute its original Vision & Values with a combination of business growth, social responsibility and environmental excellence.